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Jun 9
 I totally forgot there name can anyone tell me who the artist is?

 I totally forgot there name can anyone tell me who the artist is?

What anime is This Gif above from??

What anime is This Gif above from??







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Reblog if people say you don’t look your age.

All the time haha

“I’m 19, grew up watching all of the 90’s shows on Nick, and you know  what? I love Big Time Rush, Victorious, and sometimes I even enjoy  iCarly.”

“I’m 19, grew up watching all of the 90’s shows on Nick, and you know what? I love Big Time Rush, Victorious, and sometimes I even enjoy iCarly.”

Feb 8

Reasons for shipping Chair (re-post)


It takes a special kind of arrogance to demand that other shippers justify themselves to you. As if anyone gives two craps about your opinion. But anyway, I decided to post this as a separate text post, because I don’t think the original deserves reblogs. 


I am so sick of Chair fans that I’m going to tear my hair out. There is so much going for Dan and Blair and yet they’re all like yes blair, go for the guy that’s abusive, possessive and reckless. that’s a great choice for a husband.

If a chair fan could give me a legitimate, logical argument for why their ship should happen, I’d be happy to hear about it. But seriously. 

“oMG bu+ th3y @r3 ENDGAME” doesn’t count.

I don’t believe you’re actually interested in legitimate, logical arguments, or you wouldn’t have asked for them in the midst of a condescending rant.

But just to humor you for a moment: 

1) Chuck and Blair have irrevocably changed each other’s lives. Chuck helped Blair break lose from the confines of her repressed, society girl facade and drew out a side of her that she’d always kept hidden, and he fell in love with her for it. He was the first guy to love Blair for who she was, not who she thought people expected her to be. And Blair saw the heart inside Chuck, when everyone else had dismissed him as an emotionally-crippled jerk, and showed him that he was worthy of being loved. She taught him how to love, how to be vulnerable to another human being, and his entire life has been richer and more fulfilling as a result. 

2) They would do anything for each other- occasionally to their detriment, granted, but it demonstrates a remarkable degree of loyalty and commitment. Especially this season, they’ve both shown that there’s nothing they wouldn’t sacrifice for the other. 

3) They want to be together so badly that only the most absurd obstacles I’ve ever heard of can be used to keep them apart. Unlike multiple other pairings on the show, which are being kept apart by one party’s lack of interest, they both desperately want to be together. The most recent obstacles have been “Pact with God” and “Dowry”, and presumably I don’t need to explain how eyerollingly stupid both of those are. Point being, this relationship is what the characters themselves are written as wanting. So instead of wishing they would change into different characters and want something else, I just… want them to have what they want. 

And the final, and most important point:

4) They love each other more than anyone, more than they could even imagine loving anyone. They are each other’s “great love”, and no matter which ship you prefer, this point has been made crystal clear by both of them. Therefore, being with anyone else would be settling, which would be shitty for everyone involved- for Chuck, for Blair, and for the second-place option.  

I’m not really interested in listing all the reasons I can’t stand Dan and Blair- and furthermore, I don’t need to do so in order to prop my own ship- so perhaps just accept that (many) people view things differently than you do, and give it a rest. 

That awkward moment when you're

stuck in traffic & someone is dropping like it’s hot,

at those peaceful yoga lessons & someone is dropping like it’s hot,

even when fishing, someone is dropping like it’s hot.

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I’m totally procrastinating my life because of Tumblr

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